Competition Categories

For the 2015 Competition prizes will be awarded across three categories;
  • Overall Winner
  • Geelong Winner
  • Seed (Concept phase) Winner

Best Overall Pitch
The best overall pitch will win the competition. Other category winners may also win the Best Overall Pitch.
Pitches for this category will be accepted nationally.

Best Geelong Pitch
A prize will be awarded to the best pitch from an individual, team or organization from the Greater Geelong region.

Seed (Concept phase)
"Seed" means conceptual level, and they may have a prototype. The pitch is still important but it's relative against a field of seed-level participants. We would expect the pitch to be less refined, but then again we could be surprised - especially if they've been practicing.

Aamir Qutub

Contact: 0468 688 118


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